Thanks to Royal-Hamilius, it's possible to live in the heart of the city of Luxembourg, in a remarkable living environment.

More than 50 % of the apartments sold

Inhabitants return to the city centre

73 comfortable new designer apartments, relying on the latest technology are currently being marketed.

With Foster & Partners and Tetra Kayser Associés responsible for the architecture, in collaboration with the interior architect Nathalie Jacoby (Njoy) and her team of young designers, buyers are offered an exceptional living environment.

From studios to 4-bedroom apartments, as well as duplexes and penthouses, with a weighted area ranging from 36 m² to 257 m², Royal-Hamilius offers 7,000 m² of new housing in the city centre. The concept is designed for single people and large families alike.

Three apartment blocks

Three historical names

« Royal-Monterey »

The Monterey building is named after the Count of Monterey, governor general of the Netherlands in the 17th century, who inspired several places in Luxembourg, such as Rues Monterey, Chimay and Louvigny.

« Royal-Hamilius »

The Hamilius building refers to Emile Hamilius, the burgomaster of the capital from 1946 to 1963. He was a member of the Chamber of Deputies and presided over the CCRE (Council of European Municipalities and Regions).

« Royal-Aldringen »

The Aldringen building is a reference to Count Johann von Aldringen, or von Altringen, commander of the army of the Holy Roman Empire during the Thirty Years War.

Royal-Hamilius résidentiel

In an effort to seek coherence and comfort in the apartments, we've designed sets of specific fitted furniture for the Royal-Hamilius buildings. Conceived for every atmosphere and every room, these unique fixtures, which are available for the buyer to choose in the various living spaces, are made in cooperation with craftsmen and companies renowned for their know-how. The materials were chosen for their texture and their intrinsic qualities. The collections of materials for the floors, walls and fitted units, offer subtle harmonies that will allow everyone to express their own style. The NJOY office has ensured it brings a background note of timelessness to every property

Nathalie Jacoby
Njoy Agency

Atmosphere and Materials

Classic light atmosphere

Classic line

an atmosphere whose authentic spirit is matched only by its timeless charm, its natural aspect and soft colours… a sure value.

Take the risk of a perfect harmony that celebrates pure colour conjugated into subtle shades. Neutral tones and the alliance of natural materials contribute to the creation of an elegant and peaceful atmosphere.


  • Parquet
    Lightly oiled white Oak (1)
  • Stone
    Softened Amendoa Limestone (2)
    Softened semi-Rijo Limestone (3)
  • Tiles
    Smooth unglazed tiles,
    White or gray tones (4)
  • Furniture
    Veneer light Oak (5)
    Veneer Oak tinted light
    Veneer brushed light (6)
    Gray cerused Oak (7)
    Veneer Oak tinted black
    Laminated NTM extra matte, (8)
    Tones of white or taupe (9)
    Solid Surface white (10)
Classic dark atmosphere

Classic line

the stylish classic spaces from which emanate a sober and warm atmosphere.

High in contrast, highlighted by frank, saturated tones of brown, black and grey producing a theatrical decor: an invitation to experiment the play of colour in the installations.


  • Parquet
    Smoked oiled Oak (1)
  • Stone
    Softened blue Hainaut stone (2)
    Marble of Carrara (3) (as emphasis material in the bathrooms)
  • Tiles
    Smooth unglazed tiles,
    Nuances of black (4)
  • Furniture
    Veneer Oak tinted black
    Laminated NTM extra matte, (5)
    tones of gray, black or white (6)
    Solid Surface white (7)
Contemporary light atmoshpere

Contemporary line

an ambiance whose sophisticated forms and materials are combined harmoniously with the pure, uncluttered style of today’s interiors…

From the floor to the ceiling, your choice is oriented towards a palette of warm grays and blond wood creating a milky ambiance illuminated by a few touches of bright colours. The contemporary style brings out the beauty of natural materials such as bleached wood and brushed Oak.


  • Parquet
    White oiled Oak (1)
    Gray steam-treated oiled Oak (2)
  • Stone
    Softened Pietra Serena (3)
    Softened gray Foussana (4)
    White marble of Carrara (5) (as emphasis material (trimming) in the bathroom or as a credenza in the kitchen)
  • Tiles
    Smooth non-glazed tiles, tones of taupe gray or white (6)
  • Furniture
    Veneer light gray scumbled Oak
    Veneer brushed Oak light (7)
    Gray ceruse
    Laminated NTM extra matte, tones white, gray, light gray, (8)
    taupe or black (9)
    Solid Surface white or gray (10)
Contemporary dark atmoshpere

Contemporary line

the contemporary spaces are part of today’s spirit from which emanates an atmosphere of character, at once intimate and frank…

Choose sophisticated materials such as smoked blackened parquet and carbon-coloured stone which blend into the equipment. Subtle variations in deep grays that favorize refined and mysterious shades (taupe, warm gray).


  • Parquet
    Smoked Oak tinted
    dark gray, black (1)
  • Stone
    Softened Bluestone from Hainaut (2)
    White Marble of Carrara (3) (as emphasis material (trimming) in the bathroom or as a credenza in the kitchen)
    Smooth non-glazed tiles, shades of black (4)
  • Furniture
    Veneer Oak tinted black
    Veneer Oak tinted gray brushed (5)
    Or rough-sawn
    Laminated NTM extra-matte, (6)
    Tones of gray, black or light gray (7)
    Solid Surface white or gray (8)
Trendy atmosphere

Trendy line

Tendancy makes the best of unedited materials such as varnished ciment, matte resins, and bleached woods that create a graphic universe giving dimension to your interior.

A mixture of styles composed of matte materials and textures, combining pastel shades with touches of black or by playing with subtle monochrome variations. The association of either neutral tints or strong contrasts confer a refined, pure, and timeless atmosphere to your interior; a perfect backdrop for your creative and artistic spaces.


  • Parquet
    Whitened Oak oiled white (1)
  • Coating
    Casting resin white or gray
    Resin for waxed concrete resin, (2)
    Tints of gray (3)
  • Tiles
    Smooth non-glazed tiles,
    Shades of white or black (4)
    Glass mosaics, mixture of white and dark tints (5)
    Glass mosaics in light gray (6)
  • Furniture
    Veneer Oak tinted black
    Laminated NTM extra matte,
    Tones of white, dark gray, (7)
    Light gray or black (8)
    Solid Surface white or light gray (9)
Optional furniture

Unity in each detail

Get the best out of each space

While the best out of each space while emphasizing the intrinsic lines that njoy imagined and conjugated with a range of functional furniture. A line of modules to choose from, capable of integrating harmoniously in all spaces.


Designed especially by NJOY the different kitchen modules adapt to all plan configurations. Their perfect integration in space functions by the conjugation of materials. Their sleek and elegant design will stand the test of time. Working counters, finely adjusted handles, perfectly integrated light sources, ergonomic storage cabinets and drawers are made and assembled with excellent craftsmanship. Carefully selected, the materials form a unity of quality, coherent and sustained:e :

  • frontal boards in veneers of natural wood
  • laminated doors, highly resistant, matte and anti-mark
  • working counters and credenzas in solid surface with integrated sink
  • drawer units in solid wood
  • all appliances of major brands


Living room storage

Created by NJOY, a series of book-shelves, closets, and other storage space (TV niche, working table in pure lines) can complete basic facilities. One entity of materials (veneered natural wood or matte laminated), sets conceived as functional mono-blocks with finely adjusted handles, form an aesthetic and practical equipment, perfectly integrated to each room, using all available space as well as possible.

Wardrobes & Dressing room

Perfectly incorporated into the various configurations of the plans, the layout of each room can be adapted with additional dressing closets. The facades are of first choice natural wood veneer or resistant extra-matte laminates with elegant handles milled in the mass, conjugated in the same line as all facilities. The inside equipment includes a choice of rods and shelves adjustable in height.

Pull-down beds

An NJOY creation. In order to optimise space in the studio appartments, a pull-down bed fits perfectly into the storage space. Invisible when closed, in open position it presents a novel system of lateral niches, becoming a night table and an upholstered headboard in perfect harmony with the other selected materials.

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