The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

An exemplary quality of life,
leading services and facilities, modernity and tradition
combine together on a daily basis.

The country is ranked
The city of Luxembourg is ranked
01. Small in size, big in dynamism
Luxembourg may be a small country (2,586 km²) but it has a dynamic economy and a well-known quality of life. It is also one of the countries where people feel the safest.
02. A record GPD in Europe
Luxembourg's real gross domestic profit (GDP) per inhabitant is the highest in the world, and its GDP of EUR 80,000 is three times higher than the European average. However, this figure is biased upwards by the high number of cross-border workers, who contribute to the country's GDP without being counted in its population.
03. Strong Growth
With almost 5 % growth, Luxembourg's economy is among the best in the EU.
04. A growing population and a population mix
70 nationalities rub shoulders every day. 46.7 % of residents don't have Luxembourg nationality.
05. Strong trade
Turnover from trade in 2016
Luxembourg: €6,000/m² similar to Scandinavian countries and the United Kingdom (Info GSK).
06. A strong catchment area
On a commercial level, a catchment area of 675,000 people 30 minutes away and 20 % extra attractiveness with the arrival of Royal-Hamilius.

Reinforced global attractiveness

Evolution of the catchment area

Economic activities and transport

At the heart of Europe !

A varied environment

Luxembourg is a country with a reputation for offering an environment favourable to international economic activity and for being a reliable centre for cross-border activities in various sectors including finance, logistics, automobile, ICT, life sciences and clean technologies.

At the centre of markets

The country is situation at the crossroads of several major European markets. International players of all sizes use it as a bridgehead to access Europe and beyond, thanks to its proximity to decision-making centres and its excellent access to international markets.

An exceptional infrastructure

The excellent air, road, rail and navigable infrastructure in Luxembourg, as well as its location at the heart of Europe, make it a competitive intercontinental logistics centre. Paris is two hours away by high-speed train, and regular flights to London, Barcelona, Zurich and Milan take no longer than 90 minutes. Frankfurt, Brussels and Amsterdam are nearer still.

60 % of the European Union’s GDP is less than a day away by car, or a few hours by plane.

Education and quality of life


In 2003, Luxembourg opened a university focusing on education and research.


The city of Luxembourg is a European capital similar to Brussels and Strasbourg. It has 12 European institutions and bodies.


Luxembourg has more Michelin-starred restaurants (10) per head than any other European country.


Great trade and economic potential.

Fascinating nature...

Come and visit its picturesque villages, from the Ardennes to 'Gutland', or from Luxembourg's Little Switzerland to the wine-making valley of the Moselle.

The city of Luxembourg is, above all, a capital on a human scale. Its new neighbourhoods and the old centre share a green environment, a great source of quality in everyday life. The cultural and leisure infrastructures go hand in hand with a remarkable and varied commercial offering.

Its UNESCO-recognised mediaeval heritage stretches across two rivers, the Pétrusse and the Alzette. The city also boasts three theatres, seven museums, and an internationally renowned concert hall, the Philharmonie.

25 bus lines and a 'Joker Line' reserved for seniors, a brand-new tram in the near future, five free car parks on the outskirts (first 24h).

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